Club Facilities

Sportsbar, TAB and KENO Facilities

Enjoy an ice cold beverage with family and friends.

SignSnooker and Pool Tables

Enjoy a friendly game of snooker (2 competition king size tables) or pool with your friends.


Venue commitment to Responsible Gambling

The club is an integral part of its community. It is run for and by its members on a not-for-profit basis to meet the community purposes for which it was founded, both now and into the future.

The club is committed to the wellbeing of its members, visitors, employees and the wider community that it serves. It strives to deliver all its services in a responsible and sustainable manner. As part of this commitment, the club has adopted this Responsible Service of Gambling Code and will provide the necessary resources (financial and human) to support the proper operation of the code at the club’s premises and the code office.

The code is designed to assist the club to provide gambling in a socially rewarding, enjoyable and responsible manner.

Code of Conduct

Gaming Code of Conduct for The Red Cliffs Club Inc- and of course Self Exclusion:  - copies of code of Conduct and Self Exclusion Program
Tabcorp Code of Conduct/Betcare/Self exclusion Site